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customized approach

customized approach

Looking for a better solution for support?

Wellness isn't often achieved by DIY. It's time for a better solution, including accessibility, support, and empowerment. Welcome to Holistic Health, at your fingertips!

Ready for Results?

It's time to take a different approach.

Waiting 6 months for a 5-minute appointment only to be argued, dismissed, or insulted... Yeah, nah.

Doing "all the right things" and still spinning your wheels? Nope, not on my watch.

Holistic Health should be at your service... a Concierge experience. And now, it exists.

LYFE Lab is here to guide you to Live Your Fullest Expression, with access to cutting-edge functional wellness, expert support, and empowerment through community and education.

community + Live activations

1:1 + Group coaching

advanced guidance

cutting-edge functional testing

direct access

Want to see what your body is actually doing? Clarify your plan of action and measure your results with access to advanced functional labs, with no fuss! Get what you want when you want it. Receive the support you deserve with expert coaching on demand.

unlimited Support

Ever wish you could ask me a question or 10? You can! I'm in our group chat each and every business day to support you along your journey of integration with your epigenetics results and path to holistic wellness!

Wellness Library

The more you learn about your body, the more you can EMBODY wellness and truly make it a lifestyle. As a LYFE Lab member, you'll get training modules, protocols, workshops, and support with cutting edge technology and premium solutions.


There's strength in numbers, and it's especially important to feel connected to others as you're on a journey. One of the most impactful aspects of a group is the activation energy. Get ready to thrive!

what's included

The LYFE Lab Includes:

Access to premium functional labs and 1:1 coaching with special member pricing:

-Epigenetics / Functional Genomics Testing
-HTMA Mineral Testing
-Microbiome Testing
-DUTCH Hormones Testing
-Advanced Epigenetics Telomere Testing (coming Spring 2023)
-Traditional (Blood) Lab Testing
-Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Telehealth Consultations)

Peptide Coaching Packages for Body Composition, Autoimmune Support, Gut Health, Workout Recovery, Hormonal Support and Anti-Aging

On-Demand Review & Progress Coaching Sessions

Monthly Mindset tools and Embodiment® Immersion Experiences

Community of like minds all learning about Epigenetics, Holistic Health, and Biohacking via group chat, LIVE coaching sessions and masterclasses

Why join LYFE Lab?

If you're not getting the results you want, there's a reason. Finding it can often be the hard part, especially with traditional models of "wellness" that leave a lot to be desired.

Modern day solutions are steeped in technology: we now know better how to identify and resolve root causes to most anything... even things previously dismissed as "signs of aging" like fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, etc.

If you're not feeling empowered around your health, it's time to try a different approach.

After all, what's possibly more important than your own optimization and longevity?

Our mission is to provide access to answers, support, and sustainable solutions.

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I loved the new tools you introduced us to. You help us see how science and woo come together and I love that :)

Your energy. Your authenticity. Access to all your meditations and videos. Interacting with the group in the chat is fun.

The vibe you’ve set is encouraging/ empowering/ motivating without judgment. It’s very, very good.

Dusty D.

What I love is that I feel more confident and at peace that I’m eating for my genes, for healing. The guesswork is gone.

I can notice a positive difference in my digestion. This information paired with my genetic report gives me a clear path, I feel more confident that I will resolve my health issues.

I have already seen amazing improvement in my blood tests.

Laura G.

I find the information you share very valuable.

The Nutrition module is super solid and full of wonderful information. My favorite things are the COOKBOOKS and RECIPES! Several of them have become faves.

I also like the philosophy of pretty much eating as close to my genetic needs, and also allowing space to "break the rules" whenever is a choice or necessary.

Stefy G.

I really loved everything, it’s very complete. That’s how you heal. Spirit, body, mind connection.

All the emphasis on breathwork really inspires me to make it a priority and keep my nervous system in a parasympathetic state.

How organized it is, how holistic it is, and you! You are powerful, encouraging, and beautiful. God sent you to bless people and be a strong force to change many lives. A powerful healer.

Talia A.

It's amazing to me how much inflation I feel I've lost, especially in my gut/hips area (in just a couple of weeks).

You do such an amazing job, seriously!! I'm loving your course even though I'm unable to make the weekly live calls, I still watch them and go through the weekly activities and I feel I'm learning so much good information!

Janel K.

ONE MONTH with Lindsey changed my entire life.

I've been able to get off my anxiety medication, reduce my depression medication, and I've even gone down a jeans size during the holidays WITHOUT changing anything about my life.

Body by Design + Epigenetics is truly changing my life for the better. If you need to reset your life, look no further. You can't even imagine how much this can change your life."

Andrea B.

Live your Fullest Expression.

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