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Meet Healy: the mighty microcurrent + bioresonance device that's taking the wellness world by storm (FDA-cleared).

With programs ranging from physiological / pain management to mental/emotional support to even digital nutrition, THIS is holistic wellness.

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What is Bioresonance?

Just as you may be familiar with the practice of grounding, using sound waves or "bineural beats" that use music with strategic intention, color therapy, red light device, far infrared, and other modalities that utilize the power of nature's inherent healing codes, there are specific frequencies associated with specific conditions, physiological function, and desired states. Every single thing in the universe emits a frequency, and Healy allows you to direct yours to a better state!

Bioresonance technology is used to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. With Healy, you have the power to hand-select supporting frequencies to your body via microcurrent (see below) or energetic transmission (via the Coil accessory). Your Healy device (on Resonance edition, Resonance Plus, or Professional Edition) can also help to guide you towards which support programs are most beneficial in real time by performing an Analysis Scan.

choose your frequency

choose your frequency

What about Microcurrent?

Microcurrent technology isn't anything new... it's just never been this convenient or accessible.

Microcurrent technology has been studied and clinically documented since the early 1900s to support pain management, circulation, cellular rejuvenation, anti-aging, muscular energy, mitochondrial function, and more.

Healy uses simple yet sophisticated wristbands or local electrodes for microcurrent application at your fingertips, for both systemic or localized delivery.

Recommended Reading:

The Resonance Effect by Carolyn McMakin is a great place to learn more. She is a pioneer in combining frequency technology with microcurrent therapy, and she's helped the Healy brand create many powerful programs and products.

Healy Programs

Healy Devices are available in 5 editions, each with the same operation in the same component... the difference is simply in the programs that are included. Exact programming varies occasionally. Confirm current packages at Healy site when you shop devices.

You may also add programs a la carte for a monthly subscription as needed.Financing options are available, either 4 installments via Klarna or up to 18 months on purchases of $1500+!

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My Personal Story

If you're new to my community, I'll try to put my health journey into a nutshell. I lost 150 pounds through nutrition alone, about 10 years ago! 😲

The years that followed were actually harder, health-wise, than before... I had breast implants and some excess skin removal that made me incredibly sick. I dealt with a bacterial infection and a host of symptoms ranging from IBS to hormonal imbalance to many unexplained things, until I had them removed in 2020. It's been a long road to recovery, and I've tried a LOT of things to support mitochondrial repair to feel like "myself" again.  

When I received my Healy after following an intuitive/impulsive nudge to invest in yet another device, I knew within about a week that what I felt was magical. More energy, brain function, clarity, better mood, and more... remarkably, I suddenly felt like ME! 🙏

This video convinced me...

The power of cellular rejuvenation is something that can benefit every single body, but I knew this would be especially perfect for mine.

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